Advanced Technology Course (Maize & Wheat)

The Advanced Technology Course in wheat and maize milling has no specific outcome or National Qualification i.e. head miller or mill manager, and was:

Firstly, introduced for the purpose of upgrading existing general management:

  • to focus on and establish key competencies and skills to structure the relationship between the business functions;
  • to focus on and establish key competencies and skills for problem-solving and decision-making in managerial situations; and
  • to establish key competencies and skills for steering and directing operations.

, to prepare persons with the necessary drive and inclination and in possession of a wheat or maize trade test certificate to move into management positions in the wheat and maize milling industry.

Persons with a wheat or maize Grain Milling Federation/SAGMA/SAQA Trade Test Certificate can enrol for this course. A letter of approval from the particular general manager or mill manager must accompany the application.

A pass mark of 50% is required in the progress questions as well as the semester exam.

Learners will have to pass both chapters of a module before progressing on to the next module but will be given credit for the one they have passed.