Application Forms

2024 SAGMA General Course (Module 1-5) Application Form
111.65 KB 28/11/2023 1
2024 SAGMA Accredited Course (Module 1-8) Application Form
112.93 KB 28/11/2023 1
2023 Application for an Invoice
258.16 KB 07/12/2022 65
Application for a Trade Test
1.41 MB 22/12/2017 294

    Please make sure that the application forms are completed in full. Each “New Student Application” form must be accompanied by an “Application for an Invoice” form.

    By signing this application, you and your training officer/mentor confirm that you have read and understood the SAGMA rules, policies and procedures.

    No study notes or progress questions will be couriered/emailed to students unless SAGMA has received payment or proof of payment.

    An administration fee will be levied for changes or cancellations of studies. No fees will be refunded after the given date.  Students will only be allowed to postpone their studies to the next semester once.