Logbook (notes about record keeping)

Workplace Exposure Schedule/Logbook

This is a progressive record of learning and should reflect on the workplace exposure for the full duration of the course. It contains critical elements relating to the work that needs to be done which is referred to as modules. For record keeping purposes, each module is coded and relates to an objective guiding the learner what to do.

The logbook must be available for inspection and verification during site visits by SAGMA/AgriSETA and QCTO. The learner will maintain the Logbook on a weekly basis. The learner will give the logbook to the mill mentor/training officer, which they must approve and initial:

  • Assist only: means that the learner performed work under instruction of the supervisor;
  • Need Supervision means: the learner performed his own work and asked for coaching/guidance when required;
  • Independent work: means that the learner performed work without any assistance or coaching.

The learner may not expect to get workplace exposure in the areas where his/her applied competence may fall short as it may affect the quality of the work. It is expected that the logbook will guide the learner and mill mentor through the stages starting at Assist Only and eventually Independent Work. Keep in mind that each code of work should not be seen in isolation; most work will cover a number of codes simultaneously and no recording will be required once the Independent Work section had been initialled.

Supplementary Notes

These notes may be kept in a pocket size note book or a diary which will serve as future reference.  There is no format or structure required when making entries to the note book, it simply comprises of personal notes such as: Technical data, diagrams, sketches, drawings, task description, pictures, spare-parts-and fittings, description of work, etc.

Use the Logbook as:

  • Management tool to assess appropriateness of workplace exposure
  • Discussion document during feedback between learner and training officer/mill mentor
  • Progress report
  • Competency declaration for skills acquired as per QCTO
  • Evidence when submitting application for trade test


Your completed Logbook must be handed in with your SAGMA Maize/Wheat 4 (7 & 8) progress questions.  If you are declared competent, you will be allowed to apply for the EISA Trade Test.  Without returning the Logbook, your progress questions will be returned unmarked.


Randomly, learners will be advised that they are required to submit their Logbook on that same day, by email or fax and failure to submit may result in disqualification, as required by QCTO.