Requirements to register for the non-accredited SAGMA courses

Previously called “Grain Milling Federation (GMF)” Certificate of Completion
  • Grade 10 (Standard 8) certificate required
  • Course content is available in English only
  • Assistance from a Head Miller/Training Officer is compulsory
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Industry Accepted Course
  • 2-Year theory (5 modules)
  • 6-month preparation period for Trade Test

The Training Committee integrated the GMF course into the SAGMA syllabus because it is outdated.  The following changes/alignments have been made to the SAGMA Non-Accredited course. 

The new course structure has been implemented since 2021:

  • GMF Maize/Wheat Module 1 would become SAGMA 1 & 2
  • GMF Maize/Wheat Module 2 would become SAGMA 3
  • GMF Maize/Wheat Module 3 would become SAGMA 4
  • GMF Maize/Wheat Module 4 would become SAGMA 5


  • Previous GMF students will be required to purchase the SAGMA study material at a nominal fee.
    For example, a student studying for their Wheat 3 GMF course would have to purchase the SAGMA Wheat modules 1 & 2 and the SAGMA Wheat module 3 study material.  Their study material will be included in their registration fee when registering for the SAGMA Wheat module 4.
    Note: When a student registers for a module for the first time, the study material is automatically included in the registration fees
  • For any Non-Accredited SAGMA/GMF student to convert to the accredited SAGMA course, they would have to complete SAGMA modules 6 and 7 & 8.  They will also have to complete the SAGMA Logbook and Portfolio of Evidence, have been Trade Tested and complete the EISA exam.