The Trade Test Certificate

After successfully completing module 8 of the technology course, the learner (under mentorship) should spend a further six months in a programme relieving the shift miller where the theory and practical components are applied in experiential “on-the-job” learning.

Once the mentor (experienced miller/mill manager) is satisfied that the learner is competent in all the aspects of milling technology, he can apply to the Course Administrator to have the learner Trade Tested.

The Course Administrator will arrange a suitable date for the practical Trade Test that will take ± two days per learner and will be conducted by one of the SAGMA Trade Test examiners.

Wheat and maize technology courses are not inter-changeable i.e. the maize technology course, will for example, only give the learner access to the practical trade test for maize milling.

The practical Trade Test will be conducted in the mill where the learners have undergone their training. The learner will be issued, well in advance of the actual Trade Test date, with detailed information on the topics that the examiner will use to test his/her competency.