Tutorial Assistance and Technical Consulting Services

SAGMA can now offer the learner on-the-spot tutorial assistance, at their mill, during the semester
(exclusive to National Chamber of Milling members).

The purpose of this service is to:

  • prepare the learners for the semester exam by ensuring that he/she understands the subject matter covered in the module. This can be done, preferably before the progress questions are due to be handed in, or just prior to the examination and prepare the candidates for the Trade Test.

SAGMA makes use of a skilled group of tutors who have made themselves available for this work.

  • Tuition will be conducted either at the learners’ mill or at a central venue.
  • Duration of the tuition would be dependent on the number of learners as well as the number of modules to be covered.
  • It will be impossible for the tutor to cover the entire contents of each module. It is a requirement for the learner to make a list of items he/she requires tuition in and forward it to SAGMA at least two weeks before the training session.

The above list should be compiled in such a matter that the subjects be listed in order of significance. This would give the tutor time to prepare the necessary material to present at the session.

  • Course material, such as writing equipment, flipcharts, textbooks, etc. will be the responsibility of the milling company concerned.
  • The learners’ training officer/manager should make a request for tutorial assistance in advance. This should be forwarded directly SAGMA’s Course Administrator.